What I Have Learned So Far

I have learned so much from my grandmother so far. First, I have learned she was a very funny, strong and independent woman.  The advice, the newspaper clippings and the poems have shown me how she lived and the philosophy in which she lived.  What I have noticed about my own cooking and philosophy of life is that it has changed in the past few months.  I put a great deal more effort into what I put onto my families plates.  I actually take time to plate the dish, making it look attractive and putting pride into it.  I have noticed my family is willing to try more and be more adventurous when it looks appealing.  Most importantly, I am taking more time and putting more effort in everything I do.  How can I make my Etsy shop better, what can I do to promote my shop locally, and most importantly how can I better support my family and their needs?  I feel like I have become a stronger woman because of what my grandmother accomplished and how she lived.  She was not a helpless housewife, but a strong woman who wanted what was best for her family and would not give up no matter how bleak the outcome.  She raised a family during the depression, and I guess much like us today, we are all taking steps to live better with less.  What can we do with less?  How can we take care of our families with less?  I am inspired by what she has written and I hope you are as well.

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