A True Bits of the Past

This past weekend, our family went on a wonderful camping trip.  It was my sons birthday, so he got to pick the place.  We went to the Dinosaur National Monument in Vernal Utah.  The spring is the perfect time of year to go desert camping, usually.  We went expecting warmer temperatures, but instead we were snowed on and the lows were in the 20’s.  We toughed it out and had a wonderful time hiking, fishing and hanging out.
 One of my hobbies is to find ancient Indian pictographs and petroglyphs.  As a family we go on hikes specifically to find these ancient drawings. Utah is one of the best places to find these bits of the past.  Here are a few pictures.  These panels date 3,000-7,000 years and they are still in very good condition!

My absolute favorite part of our trip was not the petroglyphs, but instead a little cabin we visited.  A woman by the name of Josie Bassett Morris homesteaded in this area in 1914.  She moved out to the desert all on her own at the age of about 40 and built her own working ranch.  She lived out here in this desolate landscape through two World Wars and the depression with out a phone, electricity and on her own.  On one of the information cards it stated that her grandsons helped her build the small cottage she lived in.  Her story is a pretty amazing one!  I will not tell too much of it because I do not have permission from her family, but I will give you some links.  Apparently her family knew some famous outlaws!  She must have known the area pretty well because her home was built next to a spring.  Her homestead was an absolute oasis.  We hiked on her property and never found the end, but found tremendous beauty.  Josie Bassett Morris passed away at the age of 90 after breaking her hip while feeding her animals.  What an amazing woman.  I encourage you to look her up!  Josie and her family lived quite the life!  Enjoy the pictures of her home, she built most of it on her own!  I have included the links below the pictures!


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  1. Those ancient drawings are really cool! I've only seen things like that in pictures – but perhaps I'll get to see some in person. My husband went out to Australia and came home with some awesome pictures of similar drawings on rock walls – very cool stuff! 🙂

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