Engaged-Advice from “The Record Book”

Her idea of him

He is my prince, the perfect man
I’ve dreamed of since my life began:
Wise and wealthy, handsome, trim-
When we are married, I’ll change him

His idea of her

She is my darling, the perfect love.
I view with pride her worth above
Jewels or gold.  She’s honey and myrrh-
When we are married, I’ll changer her!

If you are not familiar with “The Record Book”, it is a book that my great grandmother put together for my mother.  It is filled with funny poems, recipes, life tips and pictures from the 1940’s-1950’s.  I am cooking attempting to cook these recipes, jello molds and all, and will include them in my blog.  Some days, you will get a tip or a funny saying,  Please read some of the previous posts.  They are fun!
Have a great day guys!

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