Clothes Line!

For some, this may not be a bit of the past.  My mom has one, so does my mother-in-law, even one of my sister-in-laws has one and I am sure many of you have one too.  But this will be the first time I have a clothes line.  I have been thinking about making a clothes line for quite some time now.  For one reason, it is a “green” way of doing laundry.  My husband and I are trying to live more simply to try to save on power and gas.  Recently, we had the gas company come out and do a free audit on our house.  By doing this, we now qualify for the many rebates they offer for becoming a “greener” house.  Laundry was a big use in our house.  I will tell you, that I will not start doing laundry by hand, but hanging my clothes to dry will be a big help in the quest to save money and become more green.  A clothes line is also a reminder of our past.  Smelling the sheets that have been dried out in the summer air, or been kissed by a small rain are a dream to sleep in.
  I also remember the negatives, like getting into a really stiff pair of blue jeans.  My husband told me a story when he was a little boy, he put on a pair of jeans that had come from the line.  Suddenly he felt something “biting” him between the legs.  He began hitting himself over and over again, threw off the pair of jean and discovered a wasp had made its home in his blue jeans. 
I must admit, this did put a damper on my decision to put up a clothes line. 
Today, will be the first day that we actually use the line.  I am very excited, and I will let you all know how it goes.  But here are some pictures and a little on how we put our line together. 

Before bringing the first pole outside, we constructed this “T” shape in my husbands’ shop.  Very simple!  We notched out the wood in the horizontal piece, fit the two pieces together, and then placed a lag bolt through the top.  In case you are wondering, I did help out!  It has been really great learning how to use power tools. I feel liberated.  Anyway, back to the topic.  We did the same to the other pole, carried them outside and dug a 3 1/2′ hole. 

This is my son in one of the holes.  He still was not touching the bottom, probably because the goof got into the hole with the actual pole.

To ensure the poles reamined level, we quickly made a way to for the pole to stand, and I held the pole during the pouring of concrete.  While my husband poured, I held onto the pole as well as the level, and constantly checked.  Then onto the water.
We then placed nylon coated wire on all five hooks that we placed into the horizontal, then tightened the wire. Easy as pie.
The project took about an hour.  Not long, not very expensive, and I expect a huge savings.  Later today, I will post pictures of how it looks with clothes hanging on it!
Love ya!

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  1. I love my cloths line and the smell of things that have dried outside. Even if the towels are stiffer; they dry you off better I think! My Mom always had a cloths line. I can remember many cold mornings hanging a load out for the day before we left for school. Sometimes my fingers were frozen stiff! When it snowed and got just too cold to hang outside, we had lines in the basement. The furnas down there helped dry them while we were at school. For a family of 6, I think we must have hung up a load every morning; or so it seemed. I don't remember exactly but it was at least high school before we bought a dryer. Then Mom still hung up a lot of things. Of course, in those days, we ironed everything..including sheets, pillow cases, handkerchiefs. Thanks for the post about a cloths line and the chance for some great memories.Sandy

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