Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

Many things have been happening in my household lately.  I had been trying to enjoy the last few days of summer vacation, but I have also been itching to blog.  I think it is becoming somewhat of an addiction.  But, I fought the urge so I could hang out with my kids.
Today was their first day of school.  And a new school at that.  So, we all got out of bed and were somewhat anxious at what the day had in store.
But, it was a truly wonderful day for the kids!  You may be wondering what I did without kids for at least three hours?(My youngest is in kindergarten.)  I cleaned!!!!!!!   I did not get far.  My house has accumulated much dust over the summer.
Anyway, I was looking through the record book and found a great idea.

That’s the book.

This is the idea.

What you need?

Toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls.  Contact paper and a marker.  If you read the direction above, you will notice nail polish or paint.  Guess what?  We have Sharpies!!!!!
This is a step by step process of what I did with a box full of cords.

I cleaned out our storage room the other day.  This included going through all of the boxes, getting rid of things I did not even know I had and did not even need!  It also meant tackling boxes like this!

First Step:
I saved a ton of roll.  With a family of five, you go through a lot of everything.  I also found contact paper that I had stored away for use later.  This project is a great way to reuse.
Take the roll and place it on the contact paper.  Roll it until the paper overlaps a little, then cut.
Slowly peel the paper off the sticky contact paper and roll the cardboard until it is completely covered.  I cleaned up the ends by taking my scissors and carefully cutting off the access.
Finally, place the cord into the tube.  I chose not to label just in case I wanted to use these for another cord.
Here is the end result:

Much more organized!

Hope you can use this idea!

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