Vintage Menu for the Week

OK!  I am diving in!  My goal is to turn the Record Book into a cookbook.  I have not gotten much accomplished lately due to a busy schedule.  But, if I keep blaming my busy schedule, I will never get anything accomplished!In my research of 1950’s meal planning, I have noticed that every meal includes a main dish, veggie, starch of some sort and dessert.  This is a great deal of work!  Meals like this require lots of planning!  So I decided to start making a weekly menu.  I am sure many of you already do this, but I have not!  I know surprising.  Today is Wednesday, so I missed Monday and Tuesday.  Oh well….I will begin my quest for to become a 50’s housewife today. 

I began this quest by taking out the record book and looking to see what I can cook.  Here is the menu through Friday!

Swiss Steak
paprika Potatoes
Old Fashioned Lettuce

Hearty Beef and Veggie Soup
Homemade Rolls

Meat Loaf
Baked Potatoes
Green Beans

A few things.  As you probably noticed, I did not include what I was making for dessert.  It is a surprise!  Why?  Because I have not chosen what I will be making.  Secondly, on Saturday, I will post how all meals went with pictures and recipes.  Remember, these recipes were written by my great grandmother in the 1950’s.  They are real!  I may even throw in a jello mold if I am feeling especially adventurous!

I will keep you all posted!

3 thoughts on “Vintage Menu for the Week

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  1. Hello Suzanne!! I love this. Judy told me about your blog because I am trying to cook without opeing a box or reaching for frozen meals. To get me in the mood I decided to come home and cook in my high heels so I would know how June Cleaver felt. Let me also add that I had stood all day at work before attempting this. So I put on a vintage apron and pearl earrings to really get into the role and started preparing the meal. Well let me just tell you that June Cleaver had to have been on some type of happy pills to do this with a smile on her face, I instead turned to the nearby bottle of wine and soon after ditched the getup for some comfy clothes. Anyway, love reading this. Heather Helberg

  2. Love the story Heather and good to hear from you! I am finding the same thing. I try to be June Cleaver, but my sweats are just so dang comfy! I would love to hear more of your adventures as well, and thanks for reading my blog! I hope you will enjoy it!Suzy

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