Season of Advent

Hello everyone!  I am finally done deep cleaning my house! I rearranged closets, steam cleaned my carpets and even rearranged my pantry.  I will show pictures tomorrow, along with a menu, finally and a vintage tip.  I know, I know.  I have not been keeping up.  I must admit, the month of November has been a little overwhelming, and until I got my house cleaned and did lesson plans, I still felt crazy.  I feel much more calm.So….time to start advent.  I cannot believe it is the Christmas season!!!!! It does not seem possible!  Where did the time go?

Since I am homeschooling, I thought it would be a great opportunity to teach about advent.  Right now, the kids know that it is a wreath that is lit on Sunday’s at church. Well, things are about to change.

I have a wreath in the middle of my kitchen table, and tomorrow, I am going to place three purple, one rose and one white candle in the middle.  During dinner time, we will keep the candle or candles lit, and say a prayer.  We will also discuss what we are grateful for.  And for the first time, I plan to keep my decorations up for Epiphany.

Why am I suddenly wanting my family to participate in advent?  Our priest discussed living with our eyes and ears wide opened during this time.  To see the good and the bad. To lift all things up in prayer and thanksgiving during this time.  Hopefully, we will establish this spirit of the holidays all year long.

I do want to create memories as well.  We have never actually spent the holidays at home, or if we have, we have not developed in traditions.  We always have fun, but I want tradition.  I want to create a tradition they can remember.

I am in the middle of creating an envelope for each day of advent.  During this advent at dinner, after we light the candles and discuss our gratefulness, we will open one.  Each day will have a different activity to do as a family.  Here is our list.

1.  Watch a Christmas movie together and eat popcorn.
2.  Make sugar cookies.
3. Frost the cookies and enjoy them!
4.  Get in our pajama’s and go look at Christmas lights.
5.  Make gifts for the neighbors.
6.  hand out the gifts.
7.  Go ice skating.
8.  Movie night with popcorn.
9.  Game night.
10.  Go to the lights up north. (A campsite that decorates their campground and you can drive through it.)
11.  Make hygiene kits for the local shelter.
12.  Make Christmas candy.
13.  Put candy in gift bags.
14.  Get in jammies and go to a different neighborhood to look at lights.
15.  Game night.
16.  Movie night with popcorn.
17.  Game night.
18.  Make gifts for each other to give on Christmas day.
19.  Have a fun party night.  make treats and dance to Christmas songs.
20.  Pass out more candy to the neighbors.
21. Make an authentic German treat.
22.  Make an authentic Irish treat.
23.  Make an authentic Chinese treat.
24.  Make reindeer food, put it out and cookies for Santa.  Then go to midnight mass.

Now, life will happen, and so some of these will not happen.  But I tried to put a great deal of baking in.  It is an activity that we can all do together and requires very little money.  I also put in movie nights and some outreach activities. 

I am excited, and even if this does not become a tradition, at least it is a Christmas that they will remember!

Have a wonderful advent season everyone!

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