Lights and Cupcakes

I wanted to show you some more of my finds from this past weekend.Here are the first.

 I found two wonderful strands of old lights.

 The lights actually worked!  But let me tell you, the heat coming from those things could heat my house!
So I took them off the strands, cleaned them up and placed them next to my tree.  Less of a fire hazard this way!

The blue and white bowl that the lights are in….that is also a find! (By the way, the light that is in the background will be in an upcoming post!)

Here is my most favorite find.

 Yes, that’s a flour sifter!  I know I could have purchased a brand new one.  But I wanted one with character.

I found one!  I adore daisies and sunflowers, so the design fit me perfectly.  It called to me. Not really, I just wanted it!

I do have a confession to make though.  I have never baked with a flour sifter.  There are so many recipes that call for sifted flour, and I did not think it made a difference.  Boy, was I wrong!

I made these today.

From scratch, white cake, cupcakes!  I will give you the recipe soon.  I topped it with homemade butter cream frosting.  Yummy!  Both recipes called for sifted flour or sifted powdered sugar.  Both batters were so smooth!  I could not believe the difference!

Don’t they look amazing!

Well, now you are caught up on all of my fun finds!  I truly had fun digging through vintage stores.  Gave me new ideas and things to look for to put in my own shop! 
Thanks for stopping by everyone!

Have a wonderful evening!

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