Bathroom Facelift

When we first moved into this house, it was a disaster.  I think this is why we got such a great deal on it.  It is not an old farmhouse, but rather, a newish house that needed help.  There was food plastered on the walls, the toilets were black, the fridge had cockroaches in it, there was a mouse problem and pretty much every room in the house needed to be sterilized.  But we chose to look past these problems.  We loved the location.  It has a great shop, it is on a dead end street, 1 acre of land.  The pros outweighed the cons.  Besides, I love to clean and organize. 
Well, I was still working at the time of our move in.  So for the past 3 years, I have had little time to makeover or decorate.  Since leaving my career in January, I have been finding projects to work on.  However, with one income, our budget has significantly decreased.  I am decorating with the items I have, or the money I earn from my antique business.
Our master bathroom has been looming over us since moving in.  It was dark, lacked character and truly just needs a complete makeover.  But as stated before, this is out of our budget.

Since my bathroom was very uninspiring to begin with, I had a difficult time decorating.  I could not even relax in this huge jetted bathtub.  When I tried, I would think about how the bathroom was not relaxing.

 I had already taken the doors off before I remembered to take a picture.  Notice the  ugly mirror.  It is gigantic!  Notice the lack of organization.  Horrible.

Ya, the toilet. Exciting.

Anyway, I started this project when Mat was gone.  Then life became crazy.  So I asked Mat for help.  I told him that I could get this bathroom done in two days if he would help.  And he did.

Here are the after pictures.  I chose a very light yellow.  We painted everything.  The ceiling, the base boards were painted with a fresh coat of white. 

I made the quilt rack shown below when I was pregnant with my first, ten years ago.  It was a natural wood color, but I painted it white and now use it as a towel holder.

I think it turned out great!
But here is my favorite part.

 The vanity and mirror.  I painted the vanity white.  This was a huge pain in the rear.  I sanded, painted.  Painted again.  Did not turn out very well, so I sanded and painted again.  But the results speak for themselves. It creates a bright space!  As for the mirror,we have 100 year old barn wood that I have used for various projects.  We used this barn wood to frame our ugly mirror.  I took a metal crate that I am selling, and have made it into a shelf.  I also made more of my chalkboard pots, and use them as a washcloth holder and toothbrush holder.

 We even added these wonderful vintage porcelain knobs I found on Etsy to the drawers and doors.  These knobs have added some much needed character and also protect the paint I worked so hard on!

The whole project cost us $75.  This was used for paint, caulking, glue and knobs.  I think it turned out great and will see us through until we can afford the real makeover in 10 years!
Now I am off to relax in my tub.

4 thoughts on “Bathroom Facelift

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  1. I love your makeover..!!! I can't tell you how many times I have used paint to tie me over until we could afford a real make over… It is my favorite decorating trick! We are looking for some barn wood for creating a wall of book shelves in our living room! I adore the rustic feel of it…! Happy New Year!

  2. The knobs are a great find; they look great. As is the barn wood. I have never liked the huge, plain mirrors in most bathrooms. The frame makes it very attractive. And I really like the soft yellow color. SandyM

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