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Oh, I cannot believe that this week is almost over!  It is so difficult to get ones groove back after a vacation. It is as if my mind is rejecting reality!  It has been a crazy week.  Kids have been sick, so has the husband.  Dogs have eaten my chickens.  Homeschooling.  Crazy.  Hopefully, we can have a good weekend and I can get back into the groove.On our vacation, Mr Bits and I discussed painting our master bedroom.  Right now, the room is all blue and we are tired of the blue.

I need your help in determining what color or colors. 

 Some things to keep in mind.  Mr. Bits made our bedroom set.  It is mission/craftsman style and solid oak.  I know the trend right now is to paint everything white, but we will not be painting the furniture.

 Also, this sitting area, will eventually have a fire place installed.  We are saving for one right now, so it should be installed sometime at the end of summer.

 There is a fabulous knockout to put decorations on, and we originally painted that a slightly different shade of blue. 

That is my finger in the way.  But I wanted to show you our newly redone master bath from the view of the master.  Whatever color we paint, should compliment the color in the bathroom right?  Or am I over analyzing?

We loved the blue at first, but have noticed that it just does not go very well with our furniture.  Plus, the amount of natural light is not very much.  The light comes from the french doors and the bathroom, that is it.

Here is what we have been thinking about.

I like these slate/green colors.  It seems to go well with darker wood.  However, do I paint my entire room this color?  Do I paint most of it white, and then have an accent wall?  Is there another color that you think would work well?  What about decorating?  Any ideas for me there?  I have some great vintage elements, like the white window above the door, and some plates, but I need more ideas!

I don’t know!!!!!  I need help!!!!!

Any ideas?
Cant’s wait to hear from you guys!

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5 thoughts on “Paint Ideas

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  1. Hi Suzie, I agree.. with the fall color ideas… I would look to the mission and arts and crafts period for inspiration on wall colors, fabric etc….Especially if you are going to have a fireplace in your room! Or, how about another lovely homemade quilt in rich warm country patterns…?Do keep us posted!!!

  2. These are all good ideas. I was thinking about changing one of my rooms with lots of oak to a warm tuscan yellow. I have read that peaches and creamy yellows look good against woods, especially oak. They are supposed to warm up the look of the wood. Just a thought… Good luck, I know whatever you do it will be lovely and I can hardly wait to see the result.

  3. What about a light wheat. It will warm the room up but still keep it cozy. I love the quilt over the bed. I have a small one over mine. After seeing your post,I can see a bigger one would look so much better, Thanks

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