Some Vintage Treasures

Vintage jewelry.  Those words alone make me so excited. My imagination begins to run wild about who wore these pieces, what did their outfits look like?  What can I wear them with.  I love vintage jewelry because it is so hard to find another person who has exactly what you have.  They are little pieces of original art.  So much character, and history.
Well, let me show you what I have found recently and will be putting into my Etsy shop today.

I cannot believe I found these little treasures, and I hope that others see the greatness of them as well.

These are so fun.  The yellow beads are actually the top and fan out from the earlobe.  The most special thing about them is the bit of history.  They are labeled W. Germany. 

This pair of earrings are not signed, but still very nice.  I can see a dress, simple but elegant.  Possibly black, but maybe a vibrant blue.  Oh, how they bring out my imagination.

Oh, these are just simply beautiful.  I love them.  They are a very light blue and would look terrific in the summer with a dress and sandals.  The cool thing about them?  They are labeled Hong Kong.  They are not real jade, instead faux.  How do I know? When I went to China I was taught to tell the difference.  I still love them, even if they are not real.

Now we are moving on to the brooches.  Vintage brooches are truly one of my favorite vintage items.  They look great with a silk scarf, on a hat, on a purse, sweater and I could go on an on.  This brooch intrigues me.  The brooch is unsigned and it is some kind of crest.  Unfortunately, it has two pearls missing, but I still love it!
OK, here is the coolest piece of all.  The front I do believe to be real silver or silver plated.  It is tarnished.  The back is not silver.  The coolest part is that it is a vase.

 You can place a flower inside it!  I love, love, love it.  I almost do not want to part with it.  But I easily become addicted to jewelry, so I have to part with it.  sniff, sniff.

Sigined on the back is Italy, and the pin is just a straight pin.  I am assuming that this is more of a lapel?  What are you thoughts?

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