Where Have They Come From?

Growing up, I was never a cat person.  My sister and I had one cat when we were little named Frisky.  And Frisky it was.  I think it had to be.  My sister and I would bundle the poor cat up and put it in our Barbie van.  Then take the cat for a little spin around the house.  For paybacks, the cat would ambush us as we passed by.  Grabbing on to our pant legs and not letting go.  Poor cat.  He was loved too much. 

When we first moved in to our house in the country, we had a mouse problem.  So, I found two free kitty’s to help us out.  We named them Tiggy and Puffy.  These two were inseparable, until one day, Tiggy disappeared.  First tough lesson for my kids out here.  Soon, Puffy adapted to be alone, and her name slowly changed to Kitty.

Soon, we started noticing another cat coming around.  He only comes by at night time and I cannot get a picture of him. He is elusive.  The kids named him Bones.  I do not know why they gave him that name.  I do not even know if he is a boy.

Lately we have had another cat coming around.

The kids named him Jack. He is a kitten, and has the cutest darn meow in the whole world.

My husband and I were talking the other day trying to figure out why these cats come to our house.  Well, each child has a chore.  The boys feed the big dogs and the chickens and my daughter feeds Kitty.  Here is the culprit.

And here is how much she feeds one cat.

Bit number three gives enough food for the whole neighborhood.  She absolutely loves cats and has decided to take care of every single one. Good thing she does not own a huge Barbie van!

 I do not even think my cats are mousers anymore!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!  I am so excited it is February!

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  1. We have definitely had the privelege having those visitors too! We even had a skunk lounging around one early morning!Thanks for stopping by!Suzy

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