Craft Room Makeover

Lately, I have been wanting more devoted space for homeschooling.  We have been doing our school on the landing, which has been great, but we need much more room.  I know many people who have school at the kitchen table, or the couch, but the teacher in me needs a devoted space.  To help us all concentrate.  Here is where we have been having school.

A good space, but tight.  So I decided to figure out how to better utilize my craft room.  The craft room serves many purposes.  It serves as my office, guest room, craft room, music room and now includes home school. 

This is the room before.

 Not very exciting. 

 Really, it was a space that I tried to keep clean, but stuff just piled up.  I think I had about ten stuffed animals to sow before beginning this project today.

Random pictures also piled up everywhere.

 The bed/couch is useful, but not very attractive.

Oh, and I am embarrassed about the closet.

So how did I incorporate all of this into a small space?  How did I do this without spending any money whatsoever?  Well, here are the pictures. 

 I fit my whole office into the closet.  This required a great deal of organization.  The old buffet that was in the closet, I transformed into my desk.

 Instead of paint, I decided to use material to hide the walls, as well as most of the very ugly shelving.  The shelving is useful, so I could not get rid of it!  I just wanted to hide it.

 Ribbon is hidden in the corner.

I hung the material with clothes pins.  I already had a ton, so I did not have to spend any money.


Now for the rest of the room.

 I used this table as my desk forever.  Mr. Bits and I got it when we were first married. 

 Two of the chairs are vintage chairs I found at a yard sale.  The other came with the table.  Now the kids have a dedicated workspace.

 These drawers are where all of their supplies are kept.  I know, not very pretty.  But for a makeover using no money, I think they serve a good purpose.  Plus, as I make more Etsy sales, I will be able to afford better storage.

Baskets contain art supplies.

 For the couch, I took a bunch of pillows and made it more inviting and colorful.

 Then above the couch, I put copper wires up, and clothes pinned maps and art work.

Now the kids can actually look at maps all the time.

 I took the hutch that sat on top of the buffet, and used it as shelving.

And the old chest of drawers is now used as an art table.  The drawers still hold my crafting supplies, so I will have to watch the kids very closely.

So there is my room makeover.  Taking things that I already had and using a little imagination, I created a space that will meet all needs!

As for my landing?  It is now the music area, and back to semi-normal!

Have a great weekend creating everyone!

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