Fancy Shindig

This weekend, I have to go to a fancy shindig.  A huge military banquet.  A huge, formal military banquet.  The kind you have to know your manners at.  The kind with Generals and “important” people. I get very nervous when I have to go to one of these functions.  Am I going to do something wrong?  Say the wrong thing? 

I am excited that wine will be served.

The exciting news is I got to shop for a dress.  I went to some of my favorite consignment shops, and came up with nada.  The dresses were all the wrong color, to poofy (I do not think that is a word), to glittery.

So I went to some popular department stores, and continued to have a difficult time.  The dresses were to short, to sequency (that is not an official word either) or just down right ugly.

Finally, I found one that is elegant, sexy (can I say that word?) and age appropriate. 

No on a hanger, it looks kind of slouchy.  Trust me though, when it is on, it looks great!  I will post a picture of me wearing it tomorrow evening.

Any evening dress would not be complete without the right accessories.  Thankfully, I have gone to enough of these shindigs that I did not have to buy new things.

The handbag is a 1930’s cord black bag given to me by my great aunt Kay.  She was an antiques dealer in Riverside California years ago.  The handbag still has the original mirror inside.

The jewelry is very sparkly.  And I do like the sparkles around my neck and hanging from my ears!

I guess in a way it is my own red carpet. 

What do you guys have planned this weekend?

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Suzy – The dress is dynamite! Love the color and all the great "tucking" or pleats. We all deserve our own red carpet…in our own way!Thanks for visiting…I'm delighted to come on board as well! Enjoy the banquet – looking forward to hearing more. Karen

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