Dish Towel Napkins

I love my grandma.Not only is she one of the best cooks around (seriously,people wait patiently for her homemade Cinnamon rolls), but she is so kind, loving, cares deeply for her family, and makes all of her grand kids and great grand kids the coolest stuff. A few weeks ago, I got a box from my mother that contained some tea towels and napkins my grandmother made for my family. She used to spend hours embroidering the tea towels, but in the past year, she has been painting cute little patterns on them instead.  But it is notthe towels I want to focus on.  I want to focus on the napkins.
 When I think of country or farm, I think of what my grandma creates for me.  She grew up in the country of Oklahoma and could not afford the lace or some of the items I see being used to decorate “farmhouses” today.  She lived in a practical way.  She had to.  So when I saw these napkins, I instantly loved them.  They are her way of making something absolutely beautiful. 

She takes white wash clothes found at the dollar store and turns them into these:

 She crochets the edges of the wash clothes.

She first stitches around the edges with the yarn and a needle.

She then crochets a dainty pattern around the washcloth.
And uses all sorts of colors.  We have about fifteen of these now.My kids pick their favorites and claim these as their own.  Every time we pass them out, they comment on how wonderful their great grandma is.
I think about how much I love and miss her and all of my family in Oklahoma.  I know you guys are reading!  Love you!
Have a great night everyone!

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  1. SWuzy,These are beautiful. My Grandma used to make them too, except hers were made from cut up old towels. I don't have any today, but what a great reminder of her love they'd be. Thank you for sharing them. They are absolutely lovely.

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