Stained Glass Sunday on a Monday

I know it is late.  A winter storm came blowing its way through yesterday, and we did not have service. 

We are finally connected, the kids are in bed, well almost, and I can possibly carry through a thought.  So here we go.

This is the window of St. John.  He holds his traditional symbol, the chalice.  Coming out of the chalice is a dragon.  In many other stained glass windows, a snake is shown coming out.  You may be wondering why.  There is a legend in which St. John was given wine that was poisoned.  When St. John drank the wine, he was not harmed. 

He is clothed in garments of ruby and white, the ancient colors of divine Love and Purity.  St John was also the writer of Revelation. It is said that wrote Revelation on the Island of Patmos accompanied by an eagle, which happens to be his evangelical symbol.  There is a myth, theory, fact, whatever you may call it that states an eagle is the only animal that can look directly into the light of the sun.  I could not find any specific information, but it is a nice thought to believe.
As I researched, I found that St. John was the closest apostle to Jesus.  He is said to have taken care of Mary after our Lord’s death.

Outlining the window is a vine of flowers and white fleur-de-lis, which is the symbol of purity. 

There is a book under St. John inscribed with the closing words of Revelation.  “The grace of our Lord be with you.” Rev 22:21.

This book is also fitting because St. John is the patron Saint of booksellers, along with, printers, heart patients, hospitals, nurses, the sick and the firefighter.  I am not Catholic, so I do not understand why he is the Saint for such a diverse group of people.  But reading through his history, I think it is safe to say that he wanted to help everyone he came into contact with.  His heart was big.

There are often days, when I feel as though I have not helped anyone outside my family.  I feel sad, like I need to do more.  What I have to remember is, by helping my family, I eventually help the world.  I can instill in them a love for others, a desire to help.  This is so important to nurture in our young this desire of something bigger than themselves.  That is what St. John has shown me today.

I hope you all are finding these informative.  I know I am!  I have learned more about these stories than I ever thought!

Have a good night!

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