Banks for Kids

I am about to admit something.

My kids keep a chore chart, but I forget to pay them.  We then go to the store, and they want to purchase a toy, and I tell them no because I do not know how much money they have.  Isn’t that terrible!  I really do think this is why they are not keeping up with their chores lately.  The money is not visible, and I am showing them that what they do is not very important.  Ouch!

So I came up with a system.  I am sure someone else out there in the world of blogs, pinterest and so on has already come up with this.  But I assure you, it is totally from my own imagination. 

The kids today,made their own personal banks.

 Bit number 3’s

 Bit # 2’s

Bit #1’s

I wanted them to make rather than me, because I wanted an excitement to grow.  They are going to keep track of everything that is put in and taken out.

Mr. Bit’s and I have committed to paying them every Friday, they will then put it in their check registers as a deposit.  If they need cash, they write a check.

They have to give a reason for their withdrawal, and write it in the register as well.  Subtract, add, everything that we do as adults.

Hopefully by doing this, we will show them what their hard work means.  It means they can save up for that toy, the trip or the place they want to go.  I hope it teaches them to save instead of burn a hole in their pockets!

I am excited to see how this works for our family.

We will keep you posted!

Have a great day everyone!

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