Happy Birthday Oldest Bit

I cannot believe that I am a parent of a double digit child!  In just 6 short years, he will be driving!!!!!!

Oh my goodness!  I want time to slow down.  I want to enjoy every second of this parent thing!  Thankfully, I can since they are home all day.  Some days, I am not so thankful, but today I am.

Here are some highlights of his birthday.  It was an end to a long day of travel.  We left California that morning and did not make it into our home until 530pm.  He chose to have pizza, so we picked some up on the way home, and then opened presents.  Unfortunately, Little Bit could not handle any more, so she went up to bed.  Which was probably better for everyone!  We love her dearly, but when the meltdown happens, she is done.

He had a great evening and we ended it by watching Transformers for like the hundredth time!

Here are some pictures.

Happy Birthday Buddy!

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