Getting Out

Every Friday we have decided to act like tourists.  This may include going to a museum, driving to an attraction or going hiking.  When we are actual tourists, our family loves to explore.  We will find an outdoor spot, hike picnic.  One thing we make sure of is that it is not hugely touristy.  We like to be alone.  We like to go where the locals go.  I am not saying that tourist traps are not important.  Of course they are and they have their place.  Whenever possible, we take a day and visit those highly trafficked places. 

Part of our Fridays are going to include a hike, preferably early in the morning since we live in a desert area, then cool off in the afternoon by going to a museum or driving back roads.

wherever you are, even if you think you live in the most boring state in the world, or you think you have seen everything in your area, I guarantee, you can find more.   Just make it a goal, especially in the summer when kids are out of school, and boredom may be high.  At first, there might be some resistance, but your family will come around.

Here is what we did no Friday.  We first found a trail that we had never been on before.  It was about a one mile loop.  It sounds short, but we are a little rusty right now. 

I love trees in the high mountains, but I also truly love open hills, with high grass waving in the wind, and the deep blue sky.  Simply beautiful.

After our hike, I piled them into the car, and drove higher into the mountains, where we found a nice little stream.  Was not deep to cool off  in, but a great place to throw rocks. Truly amazing that no matter the age, throwing rocks, can make any one happy.

We then made our way to the Dinosaur Park, and had a blast.  We love the museum part, but the museum also had their classroom open to the public that day.  So much fun!  We did an art and craft, we played with the huge dino wall, and learned some wonderful information on dinosaurs.  This was also a great way to get out of the heat.

We had a great deal of fun being outdoors, and doing something new.  My kids are already talking about the next adventure!

Have a wonderful time thinking up ways to be tourists in your area!

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