Junk in Your Fridge (and your trunk) Quesadillas

I have been meaning to make breakfast burritos for a while now to freeze individually and put in the fridge for an easy filling breakfast.  But I have not had time lately.  We hosted two rather large barbeques in the past week.  One with thirty people, and I made all the fixin’s!

The upside to all of these barbeques is that I have plenty of left overs.  And I actually had a bit of time yesterday!  So I took out all of the leftovers, looked at them, and began work. 

What I had:

Shredded cheese

Red and orange bell peppers from a veggie tray I had

black olives

Baked potatoes

By the way if you are looking for a crowd pleasing side, we had built your own baked potatoes.  We baked the potatoes on our grill so we did not have to heat up the house, had a ton of sides ready, and it was great!  Everyone loved them!

What I needed to prepare:




First I browned the sausage

I used two pounds of sausage, since these were made in bulk.

Next, I cut up the baked potatoes and browned them.  I used ten small to medium potatoes.

Then I sautéed the diced up bell pepper slices and olives. 

And then I scrambled the eggs.  18 to be exact.

Finally, I made and assembly line and built these puppies.

Took a corn tortilla, placed the egg, sausage, potato, veggies, cheese and another tortilla.

After I made all of these bad boys, I wrapped each one in wax paper and then plastic wrap.  I made twenty individual breakfast quesadillas to be enjoyed in the mornings when you need more than just cereal.

So yummy!

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