Cheer Up and Smile

I found this in a book my Great Grandmother put together, so I decided to share it with all of you.  It sounds easier than it actually is some days, but dwell on what makes you happy.  Sometimes this is the best defense to a weary day.

“When the day is dark and dreary,

You don’t have to feel that way;

Think of something bright and cheery,

And you will have a pleasant day.


Just tell me one good reason

Why you’re feeling sad and blue,

And I will name a dozen

Why you should be happy too.


There’s no use to sit and frown,

Because its dark and gray;

Smile awhile and stick around,

You’ll soon feel bright and gay.


It always pays to wear a smile,

Although you’re feeling blue;

It will help you all the while,

And make you happy too.”

author unknown

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