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Yes, it has been a while.  But I am back, and it feels good!  I really do love blogging, and it has been a great outlet for me.  But these past two weeks have been tough.  You can go here to learn more.

Even in the midst of these tough two weeks, my husband and I have been trying to work on our outdoor patio.  This patio is a never-ending project.  For four years, we have been transforming an old garden space into a patio mostly made of recycled materials.  Very earth friendly and very economical.  This summer has been a big one for us as we have finish a huge portion of it.

It has gone from this

To this

Over the weekend, we decided we wanted a dining table to fit under our pergola.  It is so difficult to find something that fits well with our rustic, all natural, concrete feel.  So we went big and built a table!  A concrete top table, with recycled glass.  We have been collecting glass bottles for about a year to continue our glass counter tops in this space.  Lots of beer and wine.  Sacrifices, we were willing to take one for the team and drink these things for the sake of this project.  It was rough, but we prevailed.

Here are some pictures of our project this week.  The table is not done though!  We still need to grind the concrete so the glass really shines through.  But we are ninety percent done, and we have a custom-built table that fits the space perfectly.  The only thing we need to do is find chairs that go with it.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Have a terrific day everyone!



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