Boo Hoo

I have a confession. 

Most of the items I sell in my shop, I use as home decor until I sell them. 

I had a vintage metal milk crate, that I absolutely adored, got used to it being in my house, and I sold it.  Good, but now there is a hole where it was and I cannot find anything to replace it.

Well, I sold another one of my most cherished home decor items yesterday.

My vintage pitch fork and shovel. 

I found these at a farmers garage sale.  He was a very elderly man, and told me story after story of all the items he was selling.  I almost felt bad for purchasing some of the items because he had such fond memories.  But I think he was ok with selling them to me because I actually listened to his stories.  He knew I would appreciate them.  That is the thing with vintage items, they hold memories for people.  You have to treat the items almost like you would treat the person.  With respect and care.  This is why I love vintage.

The selling of these items are bitter-sweet.  I know they are going to a good home, but now I have a hole in my home decor again, that I am not sure I can fill.

But hey, that is part of the adventure, right?

Have a great day everyone!



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