Little Bit of Vintage in Everyday-Summer Memories

Summer is here!  I love it.  On summer days, I reminisce about my sister and I staying out all day, playing in the sprinklers and picking carrots from the garden.  We did not care if they were dirty.  We rinsed them off with the hose and gobbled them down.  I remember staying up until the sun actually went down, and falling asleep quickly because we were exhausted from playing.

I now get to watch my own children play and enjoy summer days.  I look at them, and I know that they will have fond memories when they get older.  I am excited for them, and I am happy that they will fall asleep quickly!

As they play, I get to go in my garden and harvest some herbs.  There is something truly vintage about growing your own produce.  I love the fact that I can use my own basil in my own tomato sauce from my very own tomatoes.  We do not have tomatoes yet, but we do have basil, and lots of it.

We have begun to dry our basil in our dehydrator.  This way, we can enjoy it all year-long.

After we dry the basil, I grind it in my mortar and pistil.


I feel like I am in the old days when I do this, and I get a little flutter of happiness.

I work outside, so I can enjoy my summer.  So I can watch my kids play in the sunshine, so I can see my clothes hanging on the line.  So I can remember the joy I felt as a kid, and I can feel it all over again.

Here’s to a little vintage in your everyday!



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