An Interview with Maria Corcuera Jewelry and Design

Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday!

Since I have begun blogging, I have met some of the most interesting and wonderful people.  Todays interview is no exception.  Maria Corcuera is truly inspirational, and whether it be from her beautiful jewelry or her delicious blog, you can find something to make your days more beautiful.  I have been honored to have gotten to know her, and interview her.  I encourage you to visit her shop and blog, you will not be disappointed.

Here is your chance to get to know her:

Tell us about your business.
Simple, modern pieces and good quality is my model to follow. I believe in making chic, versatile, jewelry of the utmost quality. I specialize in semi-precious jewelry, using a myriad of materials, ranging from gold, silver, gems and many other decorative items. My designs fit all needs, be it a trinket with a splash of romance, a timeless charm, a modern bauble or a bohemian gem.

What inspired you to begin your own business?
  I am originally from Monterrey, Mexico and moved to Germany in early 2011.I’ve always had a passion for jewelry, when I was a little girl I would take my mother’s old trinkets and customize them so they became my own. Eight years ago, at a close friend’s suggestion, I began designing and selling my designs to friends, eventually expanding into boutiques throughout my home city in Mexico.
Could you show us a few of your favorite items in your store?
I recently had the fortune of being featured in Germany’s biggest and most read Magazine “Birigitte”. They saw my jewelry at a Bridal Showroom and decided they wanted to show my earrings in their Magazine; obviously these earrings are my bestsellers right now, but I do believe some of my other pieces are as good as these:
Gold plated framed glass with flower earrings
(Featured in “Brigitte” Magazine
Gold plated framed aqua glass earrings
Rhodium plated feather long necklace
Customizable Sterling Silver mini letter charms
 Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?
I really think of inspiration as the daily life. It could be from a magazine, nature or even clothing.
I love your blog!  You have some very delicious recipes.  How do you come up with these delicious treats?
I have to say I really enjoy eating… as a matter of fact, when I came to Germany almost 2 years ago I didn’t know how to cook (literally, except maybe for Sandwiches and some really basic grilled chicken) so I started “researching” for basic, easy and delicious recipes. In the end I created my blog (which would have been handy at the time) where I create very basic and simple recipes -yet delicious-, for anyone with a busy daily life and busy schedule like me, that still enjoys a good lunch or dinner 
What are some things you want others to know about you?
I’m a mexican expat in Germany. I’m a very open person, love to read and eat well; I have a very sweet tooth and enjoy any type of sugary dessert full of calories. I like to exercise and live a healthy life (except for my little very sugary sins once in a while) and I absolutely love animals
Now for some just because questions:
Where do you call home?
What are some of the things you do to relax?
 Read, exercise and read again 🙂
Where would you go on vacation right now?
 The beach, without a doubt
Do you have any advice for those who are looking to start  a new business or blog?
I would only say, don’t give up. He who has a why, can endure any how 
Thank you so much Maria for taking the time to answer these questions.  Now, go and be inspired more by visiting her shop and blog!
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Have a great day everyone,

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