My Girl

My daughter is full force, just like my boys.  When we chose to adopt, we thought how nice it would be to have a calm girl in our family.  But God knew better.  If we had a calm girl, she would be run over by her brothers.  Thankfully, we have a girl full of grit.

The other day, she was playing on the monkey bars, which is her favorite thing to do.  Well, she fell off, onto her back, and hit her head.

She was shaken, but not about to stop playing. So she went in the front yard and rode her scooter, which resulted in her falling again and hitting her head.

Finally, she had enough and went inside for the day.

Mr. Bits and I discussed with her the importance of wearing her helmet while riding her scooter and she nodded in agreement.

Yesterday, I looked outside and she was on the monkey bars, wearing her…


You guessed it, her helmet.

I think the message sunk in.

Have a great day everyone!



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