Why it is Important to Share Your Story

On my recent trip to Indianapolis, I learned so much about myself and community.  Particularly community with women, but I think the lessons that I can apply to everyone.

The lesson of sharing your story.  If you have not read anything on our adoption story, please look at the pages above and visit my other blogs.  It has not been easy, and has probably been the main reason for my anxiety. 

Our little girl has been through so much, and continues to struggle emotionally, although not as much as a year ago, or even two years ago.

Through this process, I have learned so much.  I have lost friends, but have gained valuable relationships and new friendships that will last.  I have quit my job, changed my whole world to help this little girl.  And you know what, every bit of it was worth it!  I would not change one thing, except quitting my job earlier.

One of the talks I attended was on the strength of women in Biblical times.  Not one of them mentioned was meek or mild.  In fact, they were all fighters.  They had to be.  I do think these women were feminists, and stood up for their rights and their families.  I know that this view is very controversial, but this is my opinion, and I am sticking to it!  These women changed the course of things, just like so many other women in our history. 

One of the points that the speaker was trying to make was that our trials, not just as women but as humans, change us for the better and eventually help the greater community.  She asked for personal examples in our own lives that have helped us to discover our strength through our weaknesses.

I shared my full story.  Adoption, therapy for my broken little girl and my resulting anxiety. I was not expecting the response.  There were tears from everyone, and I felt uncomfortable.  I am not one for speaking in front of large groups, but I felt compelled to.  And I quickly understood why.

When the talk ended, so many women came up to me and shared similar stories.  We hugged each other, cried for one another and for our dear children and formed a community.

When you share your story, you change yourself, people close to you, and the world. 

Sharing your story is for the good of the greater community.  Somebody, somewhere is going through the same thing and needs a shoulder to cry on.

Here’s to sharing your heart.



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