Toilet Paper Rolls and Organization

Many things have been happening in my household lately.  I have been trying to enjoy the last few days of summer vacation, but I have also been itching to blog.  I think it is becoming somewhat of an addiction.  But, I fought the urge so I could hang out with my kids.
I have been slowly trying to clean out my closets and organize the mess.  As I was looking through the record book, I found a great idea to recycle your old toilet paper rolls and contact paper, and organize all the cords.

That’s the book.

This is the idea.

What you need?

Toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls.  Contact paper and a marker.  If you read the direction above, you will notice nail polish or paint.  Guess what?  We have Sharpies!!!!!
This is a step by step process of what I did with a box full of cords.

I cleaned out our storage room the other day.  This included going through all of the boxes, getting rid of things I did not even know I had and did not even need!  It also meant tackling boxes like this!

First Step:
I saved a ton of roll.  With a family of five, you go through a lot of everything.  I also found contact paper that I had stored away for use later.  This project is a great way to reuse.
Take the roll and place it on the contact paper.  Roll it until the paper overlaps a little, then cut.
Slowly peel the paper off the sticky contact paper and roll the cardboard until it is completely covered.  I cleaned up the ends by taking my scissors and carefully cutting off the access.
Finally, place the cord into the tube.  I chose not to label just in case I wanted to use these for another cord.
Here is the end result:

Much more organized!

Hope you can use this idea!

Have a great day everyone!




3 thoughts on “Toilet Paper Rolls and Organization

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  1. What a great idea! and it looks so neat. I’m thinking I could also use this to hold the excess lenghs of all the cables that I have around my computer desk! I’ll start saving the tubes.

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