A Travelling Family

Have you been wondering where we have been?

1.  Wyoming

2.  South Dakota

3. North Dakota

4. Minnesota

5.  Wisconsin

6.  Michigan

7.  Indiana

8.  Illinois

9. Missouri

10.  Arkansas

11.  Oklahoma

12.  Kansas

13. Colorado

14.  Wyoming

15. Back to Utah

That’s where we have been.  Two weeks, one huge loop.  We returned late September 2, and have been trying to catch up on the many, many chores.  Even with all of the work, we are so happy we did this trip.  It was full of memories, and my children are still mourning our return home.  I think they have the travelling bug.

Here are some highlights from the first week.  Tomorrow I will post the second week.

Devil’s Tower So amazingly awesome!

Prayer bundles placed at the base of Devil’s Tower by Native Americans.  Truly beautiful.

Lake Michigan Lighthouse.

Playing on the shores of Lake Michigan.

And flying, lots of flying!

I even got to fly in this awesome airplane! T-6!

I hope your days are full of joy and excitement!



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