Part of our trip involved visiting my family in Oklahoma.  During this trip, I found a great deal out about family history.  We looked at our genealogy, where we came from, learned where most of my family is buried.  I also learned  great deal of stories about my family.  My grandmothers were very forthcoming with their stories this trip.  So I listened.  They obviously felt it was important to tell me these stories.  SOme I had heard before, but some I had not.  Either way, they wanted to talk.

I like visiting my mom and dads in Oklahoma.  They live in a house next to where my Great Grandmother lived.  This is important to me because, she is the inspiration to this particular blog.  I do have some memories of going to their house when I was little.  We would help harvest her gigantic garden, and my Great Grandmother would make us cornhusk dolls.  I remember always going into the barn, because there was an outhouse in there.  I was fascinated to hear stories about my Great Grandfather refusing to use plumbing.  Instead he would go out to his barn every day.  I also enjoyed looking at their German books, and seeing her old vanity.  These are little snippets of memories.  So as I sit in my parents backyard, I can see the barn, and remember.

I naturally took some pictures of my children, parents and us as a family in front of the barn. My mom’s going to kill me for posting these pics, but oh well.  Enjoy!

Mom, Dad, you are officially on the internet!

Have a great day everyone!



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