Menu for My Experiment

So after looking through my freezer and pantry, I have determined a dinner menu as well as some breakfast/lunch foods we can have this week.  Some of the foods that we have a great deal of are:  dried beans, potatoes from our garden, plenty of canned tomatoes, chicken, ground beef and pork, and supplies to make muffins, breads etc.

My plan is to use leftovers to create new meals from.  Some of these meals may be a little old-fashioned, but work with me here.  I am working with a limited number of ingredients.

Tonight:  Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans.  What I am using from my garden:onions, potatoes, green beans, and a mixture of dried herbs.

Saturday:  We are eating at a friend’s home!  So I am free this night!  We are providing the wine though!

Sunday:  Pulled pork tacos with all the fixin’s, corn, black beans.  What I am using from my garden:  onions, jalapeno, tomatoes

Monday:  Meatloaf sandwiches on our homemade sour dough bread, peas and homemade mac and cheese.  From our garden:  peas

Tuesday:  Grilled Chicken, twice baked potatoes, mixed fresh veggie salad.  From our garden:  all veggies.

Wednesday:  Chicken and rice soup with homemade hot rolls.  From our garden:  all the veggies that we cn put in the soup.

Thursday:  Quiche with fresh veggies and cheese.  From us:  fresh eggs, and whatever fresh veggies I can pick that day, dried herbs from our garden.

Friday:  Spaghetti, homemade sour dough, roasted veggies.  From us:  I will be making homemade sauce from our tomatoes, and all the veggies from our garden.

Breakfast foods include:  muffins, hard-boiled eggs, I have plenty of frozen juices.

Lunch:  leftovers, sandwiches, anything we can find!

This is only for the first week!  I am going to try to extend this for another week, so stay tuned! Many of these recipes will also be coming from the record book or the box of treasures from my husbands great grandmother.  Since the recipes were around the depression era, I am hoping to be inspired.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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