Vintage Living Tips

I have not given tips in a long time, and thought it might be fun to do so.  These come straight from the record book, a book my great-grandmother put together for my mother.  They may be a little dated, but they are fun and still quite useful.  Enjoy!

1.  Use a cotton swab dipped in ammonia to clean under the telephone dial. (this one is truly dated!)

2.  To determine if baking powder is still active, mix 1 teaspoon with 1-3 cup of water. If the mixture bubbles, well, the powder is still good.

3.  To make windows and mirrors sparkling clean, mix 1/3 cp of rubbing alcohol, 2/3 cup water and a few drops of bluing.  Put in spray bottle and wipe with a clean cloth.

4.  Flour your cake pans with a shaker filled with non-sifted flour.  It’s clean and easy.

5.  Finally, here is a little poem that will help you to remember some tips:

“If you would have your flowers stay fresh,

Just put some soda in the dish,

And if your glasses do not shine,

Ammonia water is just fine.

If you are worried with your iron,

A little coal oil does no harm;

For all the starch it will remove,

And make your ironing nice and smooth.

If ever spoons are stained with egg,

Please use a little salt I beg.

If iron rust on your dress you get,

Then sour milk is your best bet.

If your white linen you should scorch,

Put it in the sunshine on the porch.

And if your hands some stains do show,

Just rub them with a raw “tatoe.” ”

I am not sure what a “tatoe” is, but I do love this old-fashioned way of remembering tips!

I hope you had fun strolling down memory lane!

Have a great day everyone!



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