A Good Deed a Day

This last week has been of the crazy kind.  We returned from our trip, picked up the kids, have tried to be there for my family and our sadness, Halloween and then my children came down with strep throat.  Not the worst week, but definitely hard.

I have noticed that when weeks like this one happens, my mind has a difficult time adjusting.  I become more inward, more forgetful, and my mind wanders off to what can I get done.  Notice that all of those are very self centered.  But I had a smack in the face this week.

While reading about Mother Teresa, it struck me all of the difficulties she had leading up to her mission.  In all of her journal and letter writing, there was not one complaint.  Instead she did the work that was in front of her, not grumbling, not saying she needs a break, but happily.  Now, I am NOT Mother Teresa, nor am I trying to be.  But my point is, we all face trials, it is our response to these trials that is what truly matters.  I can be angry, I can wallow in self pity, or I can do something.

I have debated whether or not I should share this with you all.  I am not one to do something good and share it.  This feels to much like bragging, and I would rather have my “good deeds” be anonymous.  However, I have been led to share.  I think we all want to do good, but sometimes do not know how, or feel even a little foolish and embarrassed.  But our world needs a little love, so I thought maybe we could do this together.

These are some ideas that I have planned for the next week.  I am not doing these to make myself feel good, although I know that will happen.  Instead, I am realizing that I must reach outside myself.  Smiling more, holding doors open, simple things that we can do to help others have a better day.

This is not something I will be doing all on my own.  My children will be assisting me daily, and I hope that together, we can selfless and more aware of needs around the world.

I would love for you to join us.  You do not have to do what I have written, you can make your own list.  If you do, please leave a comment with a link to your blog so we can all see the list you have created.  I am hoping to post a new list every Sunday to begin our week with.  Hoping!!!



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