1964 Jet Trailer

Betty-That is her name.  Why did I choose this name?  Couple of reasons.  One, Betty just fits. Another reason, my grandmothers name is Betty, and I am sure that she would be so excited to know that I named a vintage trailer after her (sarcasm).  Finally, I am a huge “Mad Men” fan.  Betty Draper is my hero, and I will make this trailer worthy of her housewife perfectionism.

Betty is a fun vintage trailer with good bones.  The outside of the trailer is in much need of TLC.  Someone has spray painted it white, and there is dried dripping paint, along with many dents.  But the Jet logo is still visible and this made me excited.  I have done some research on Jet trailers and found very little information about them.  I have found out that not very many were made, and when restored, they are worth much, much more.  I paid very little for this trailer.  When I say very little I mean very little.  All appliances work, and the changes that were made are easily reversible.

I can do this!  Betty and I are ready for our journey together!  We will have our problems, I am sure of it!  But I know I can do this, and I am so very excited.  I will be taking all of you along on my restoration journey, so consider this my first post!

Ready or not Betty, I will restore you to your original beauty, come hell or high water! That may very well happen first.

Have a great day everyone!



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