Here I Sit

Last night was one of those rough nights.  My son, was having difficulty breathing yesterday.  So much so, that I took him to the doctor and he had a breathing treatment.  Well, he actually asked if he could go.  I know, that when my child asks to go to the doctors, it’s bad.  My son has severe food allergies and asthma.  He has been on a life flight for accidentally ingesting peanuts in school, and because of these allergies, asthma can be quite bad.

As the day progressed, so did his asthma. I was giving him breathing treatments at home every three hours, and he was barely making it to the treatment. This was the worst asthma attack yet, and we do not know what caused it.  We took our precious baby to the hospital last night because he could barely breathe. In fact, I do not know how he was breathing. They hooked him up to oxygen, and a nebulizer with tons of meds, and it did not work the first time.  So , again he was hooked up. And then again.  Then placed on a z pack for possible infection, given an oral steroid and two other pills that skip my mind.  It took that much to make him well again.

I sat rubbing his back last night during my shift before we took him, and I was scared.  We have not had an episode like this in a while.  What caused it?  It was a slap in the face, that his condition is still very bad.  I prayed for wisdom, and called his specialist.

Mr. Bits went with him to the hospital.

Mat stayed up until six, when our boy finally fell asleep on our couch.

I am on shift right now, and as I look at him, I am filled with love, emotion, thankfulness.  He is my dear boy, who will do great things.  It is my job to help him get there.  I am humbled by the thought of helping him.  What qualifications do I have to help?  Why did God have faith I could do this?  I do not know the answers.  But I do know that I love him, and my desire to care for him is strong.  My baby is safe, and well right now.  And as we piece together what brought on this asthma attack, I will be extra thankful this Thanksgiving season for God’s wisdom in these circumstances.

Give your children an extra hug and a big kiss!  remember they are yours to care for, to help raise up and do great things.

Have a wonderful day everyone,


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  1. It’s so scary to not know what causes an asthma attack! I can certainly relate to that. I hope your son feels better soon and you both sound like kind, caring parents!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. It is scary, as I can tell you know about. i went over to your blog, which is an amazing resource. Thank you for stopping by.

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