When a Loved One Passes


I hate getting phone calls late at night.  We all know that phone calls in the middle of the night are about 90 percent of the time bad news.  Last night was no exception.

My sweet grandmother who has been suffering for many months passed away.  We knew it was coming, we even prayed that she would be released from the pain.  But the shock of hearing that someone you love has gone on, is still hard.

I debated about sharing this pain, but pain is part of life.  You cannot live without it.  But I can remember what I learned from my grandmother.  I can remember how much she made me laugh.  I can remember how she used to comb my hair which made me fall asleep.  So peaceful, so comforting.

I have not lived near her for many, many years, but the void is still very huge.  I miss her, I love her.  I miss how she called me Suzy, how we would talk about the weather.  No matter what.  Rain or shine, the weather was always discussed.  I hate soap operas, but I miss her updates about “Days of our Lives.”

My family and I were blessed to see her happy in August, to play Uno, to hear stories.  I am so thankful for that time.

She made me laugh, made me cry and even made me angry a time or two (we were very similar in personality).  But I will always miss her and love her.

Thank you grandma for being a wonderful person, loving mother and wife, and loving grandmother.

I will miss you forever.



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