Does it Need to Make Sense?

We as a country are trying to make sense of what happened this past week.  We are blaming guns, blaming schools, blaming parents.  When we get hurt, we find a way to make it better by blaming.

Truth is there was a horrible tragedy, and it makes no sense whatsoever.  When a person suffers from mental illness, tragedies will never make sense.

I want you all to please, please, please go to The Anarchist Soccer Mom and read her post on Thinking the Unthinkable.  Instead of blame, let’s start a revolution of help.  This tragedy does not make sense, but we can help change the world by changing our viewpoints, by opening our eyes to the hurt going on in the children in our world, by being open to hearing their pleas for help.

We as a family are talking openly with our children about what happened.  We are praying for those families that have lost their precious babies.  We are praying for the little children who had to watch and sit in fear.  We are praying for the community and how they will never be the same.  No words can be said, except we love you.



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