Top 12 Recipes of 2012

I thought I would spend the next few days doing my top twelve lists.  I cannot believe that Tuesday is 2013! Just does not seem possible. This past year has had its ups and downs.  We have done so much travelling, we have become a tighter family, yet my struggle with anxiety was at its peak this past year, my grandmother passed away and there were many struggles in between. But I decided I am going to end 2012 with all the great positive, wonderful events.

What better way to begin this positive memorial of 2012 than with food?

Just click on the picture, and it will take you directly to the recipe!  Have fun Cooking!

12.  Homemade Sausage Links!


11.  The Best Butterscotch Cake in the Whole Wide World


10.  Yummy Breakfast Sandwich


9.  Chicken Soup


8.  Allergy Friendly Granola

7.  Blueberry Crisp

6.  Variations on Baked Beans

5.  Delicious, but Oh so bad for you Donuts

Delicious, but OH so Bad for you Donuts!

4.  I made a Jello Mold!

I Did IT!!!!!!!!

3.  Junk in Your Fridge and Your Trunk Quesadillas


2.  The Most Delicious waffles

The Most Delicious Waffles!

1.  Three Very Delicious Cake Recipes!

Taste Testing Cake

Have a Great Day Everyone!



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