My Kids and Legos

During the winter, my kids love to play with Legos. Well, any time of year really, but the winter and especially this winter, has forced them to be indoors more than they would like. Thank goodness for Legos!
My kids are crazy about their Legos! Little Bit even puts hers in a tool box for better organizing. Very smart and very type A. My boys on the other hand prefer the dump them all out onto the floor method.



My boys hve been busy making stop action videos using Legos. Their videos are based off of Star Wars. Oldest Bit found an old digital camera at a garage sale for $5. It makes little videos, so he has been having a great time “filming”. I do not have completed films for you yet, but I wanted to show you what they have been building. I must say they have quite the imaginations.







Legos and camera: saving parents sanity, one stop action film at a time.

Thank you for being invented!

Have a great day everyone!

2 thoughts on “My Kids and Legos

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  1. I love the way you’ve organized the legos in that toolbox, why haven’t I thought of that! And making stop-motion movies with legos is a fun project for me too! Very creative and engaging 🙂

  2. The inventor of Legos should be a saint. Hard to believe that they have been keeping kids occupied for so many years. Mr. Bits loved them as well! So glad Oldest Bits is still so enthralled with his camera!

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