Books That Have Changed my Way of Thinking

Over the past few months I have read many, many books. For some reason, that’s all I have wanted to do. I read mostly before bedtime to try to get relaxed. I know the experts say not to, but for me it works. Instead of thinking about my day or what I need to get done, I get lost in a book. Plus, this is the only real quiet part of my day.

I enjoy all kinds of books. I like trashy romance, nonfiction, biographies, autobiographies, historical fiction, you name it. Not all the books I like, but i read them anyway, just to say that I did.

Well, there have been a few lately that have changed me, or the way I think about life. I am going to list them, and provide a link just in case. No, I do not get any money for doing this, I just think these books are worth your time.

1. Mother Teresa’s Come be my Light
This book. This book! It changed me. I have suffered from anxiety and depression for a little while now, and it comforted me to know Mother Teresa did as well. A saint, a strong woman, a woman who lived her life to help others; doubted her abilities. This is a collection of the letters she wrote to friends and priests throughout her years as a missionary. So touching, so humbling and life changing.

2. Life of Pi
Talk about amazing! Will change your views on world religions, and also about the human spirit. I could not figure out if I should cry or be happy for him. Just read it, you will understand. So much philosophy squeezed into this book.

3. The Scarlet Chord
Written by a woman priest from the Episcopal faith will make you look closely at women’s roles in the Bible and life. Love it. I participated in an all women book group in which we read this book, and oh did it spark so many thoughtful conversations! Women are strong, and do not let anyone tell you otherwise!

4. Under the Tuscan Sun
My husband and I are going to Italy in March, so I wanted to read a book that would set the mood for our trip. Well, it was so much more. I love her way of telling stories. I could envision everything the author discussed, as well as feel her desire for growth and change. Inspiring.

I hope you all find something to read in this post. They all have shaped my thoughts and who I want to become in one way or another.

Enjoy reading, and if any of you have books that have changed you, please share with us!

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