Life has been crazy here lately. So many activities, which helped to make January go by faster. January is always a difficult month for me. Every year I tell myself that I am going to get out and learn to ski or start a winter activity. But every January, the cold, inversion, and dreariness, make me sad. Then I have no motivation. This year however, with the travel to Oklahoma, kids activities, home school and business, January has flown by.
Basketball has consumed our weekends! Neither one of the boys’ teams have won games, but they have had a blast! Both have worked hard and have even scored some baskets. I must admit, that I have been getting into these games. So exciting to watch!
Pinewood Derby was this month as well. The boys did an awesome job at making their own cars. We help a little, but feel like it is super important for them to make these cars themselves. GIves them a sense of accomplishment.
Little BIt loves doing the Just Dance Wii game. I love watching her try to figure out all of the moves! She gets so serious about it!
Finally, school is going well. We have all been working really hard to accomplish what needs to be done. I do love it when they get into science experiments. Little Bit gets mesmerized by science. I think we may have a scientist on our hands.
I am so happy that February is here! We are getting closer to spring, and I can feel it!
Have a wonderful day everyone, and remember to savor each and every moment with your family and friends.

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  1. Ah Yes, I can totally relate to your feelings on January. It’s usually just cold around here (Pittsburgh) and we mostly just get freezing rain, or very light snow fall that just makes the ground wet. This year we actually got a couple big snows though, which helped to brighten up the month, and the night sky. I love snow, but I hate the cold, cloudy, wet weather that takes up 80% of our winter. But it sounds like you had a wonderful month with your family!

    Have a great week,

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