A Weekend of Love and Miracles

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Our very long weekend began on Valentine’s Day.  My husband and I do not make a very big deal about this holiday.  But because my birthday is the day before, we have a little tradition.  Every year we go to Peery’s Egyptian Theater and watch an old black and white movie on the big screen.  Peery’s is not your typical movie house. Very unique and historical for these parts.  We love it because before the movie, they have a man play an organ of the movies love songs.  We love it because we are usually the youngest people in the crowd.  We love it because of the atmosphere.  We just love it.

Youngest Bits birthday was on Saturday.  We celebrated by opening lots of presents, having cupcakes, and then going to a Chinese New Year’s celebration.  I will post pictures of her in her new silks soon.  I am so proud of her!  We have all come so very far in this adoption journey.  I remember three years ago when we celebrated the first birthday she spent with us.  The day was filled with anger, tantrums, screaming.  We could not understand her, she could not understand us.  But today, smiles, happiness and love.  Hang in there all of you adoptive parents of older kids, your day will come.  Be patient, even though it is hard.  Sometimes, we still have very, very tough days.  But don’t all parents?

Finally, the biggest miracle.  Yesterday, everyone was home.  They all helped me clean the house from top to bottom.  They helped fix bikes without complaining.  Then they were all quiet.  Not a sound until bedtime.  And they went to bed willingly without whining.  That was a good day!

Hope you all have miracles and days filled with love.



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  1. The theater looks like a great tradition for your birthday, and it sounds so great with the organ before the movie. I would love to visit a theater like that one day.
    And happy bday to Youngest Bits too. =0) I can’t wait to see photos with her silks. How old is she now? I am Asian and adopted as well (but I was adopted when I was a baby). Those photos of her look a lot like me when I was that age, because I had the same hair! =0) She looks very happy. You’re doing a great job, MOM!

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement! She turned 7 years old on Saturday. We brought her home about a month away from her turning 4. She had a rough start, and we went through lots of therapy. She is my hero! Thanks again for visiting!

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