Our Weekend


We took a trip to see my husband’s family this weekend.  Bitter sweet.  Always great to see all of my in-laws, to see my cute niece and nephews and to have my kids bond with their cousins.  But this time, we had to say goodbye to my husband’s childhood home.  My mother and father in law are moving from their 1900 farmhouse where my husband and his brothers were raised, where my husband and I were married, and where my kids have called Grammy and Pappas house for 10 years.  We are happy for them to be moving on to a home that requires less maintenance so they can travel more.  They do love to travel.  But it was still hard to say goodbye to a house full of memories.  This was our last weekend in the home as a family, and it was fun.  We went through boxes and boxes of memories, and had meals together, creating a wonderful last memory in the home.

Thank you Mother and Father in law for restoring such a wonderful home.  For giving my husband and his brothers a great place to call home for so many years.  For giving me twelve years of memories in such a beautiful and peaceful place.  For letting us have our wedding in your living room.  For giving a place that my children have been excited to come to for so many years. This home is full of love, and the new owners will feel warmth always because of the love you have created in this house.

I look forward to creating new memories in the new home.

Have a wonderful dya everyone!



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  1. It was a wonderful weekend for us as well. Those are great pictures; please send to me. And thank you for writing just what it meant to me … this past weekend …as well. So many memories. Such an incredible family for us to share them with. God has blessed us with all the Bits!

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