Another Reason We Were Nervous to Drive Home


Yes, those are antlers.  And yes, you did see Rice Krispies in the bed of the truck.  Long story.

Needless to say, we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies.

As we were leaving my in-laws, the snow was coming down, rather hard. Of course we were nervous about driving in snow, but here is the other reason.

Our truck was piled with vintage goodness. My lovely in-laws gave me old windows, doors, and pretty much anything I could get my hands on to sale in my shop. Of course, there were plenty of sentimental items that we will keep. Items that have been in the family for ever.

So we began our journey with a brand new tarp over these precious items. After going 80 mph and having 30 mile per hour wind gusts, our tarp was easily shredded within the first hour drive. Mr. Bits and I had to pull over several times on the highway, in the cold and snow to fix the tarp.

We were so happy to see the blue skies as we went further. Our tarp was pretty well shredded. It was like throwing a ten-dollar bill into the air and letting the wind shred it. Brand new out of the package, and this is what it looked like after a 6 hour drive.



We were very happy to make it home!

Have a great day everyone!



One thought on “Another Reason We Were Nervous to Drive Home

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  1. wow, that tarp sure was trashed as was the green plastic tablecloth. I would have thought a tarp would last better than that! Again, so glad you made it hope in one piece.

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