What a wonderful trip! It was a blur of two weeks, but as I have had time to ponder our adventure, I have remembered so much. I will not tell you all about it in one post, do not worry. Instead, I will occasionally write a post about the food, culture, people and our fun times
Today, I wanted to share Pisa.

I was told by a friend that Pisa was way too touristy. Well, it is, but I loved it! We went on a day where the crowds were small. A priest died, and they were holding his funeral in the church. I guess this is extremely rare to hold funerals here. You had to have been a well-respected priest to be honored in such a way. The crowd was more somber, and we were not allowed in the church. However, the touristy things were not as prevalent as they could have been. We did go into the baptistery, which was absolutely incredible. Here, I had a very spiritual experience. The tour guide discussed how the building has great acoustics. Went on to describe the shape, the way it was built and the materials used. Then an older gentleman stood over the baptismal font and began a chant. His voice was clear, beautiful. I did not want him to ever stop. His voice echoed throughout, and long after he was done, you could hear his voice. Hands down the most chilling, in a good way, experience in my life.
Here are some pictures that we took when we were in Pisa. Of course, we had to do the holding the leaning tower up picture. Of course!
Have a great day everyone.

Some of the pictures are blurry.  So sorry, the light was horrible in some of these places!

Italy 2013 (107)Italy 2013 (104)Italy 2013 (103)Italy 2013 (98)Italy 2013 (97)Italy 2013 (93)Italy 2013 (92)Italy 2013 (89)Italy 2013 (88)Italy 2013 (86)Italy 2013 (84)Italy 2013 (83)Italy 2013 (82)

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  1. In our travels, I find that awesome experiences sure come unexpectedly. Glad you had one such in the Baptistery…wow. We never got to Pisa so great to see the pictures. Can’t wait to hear about your good experiences!

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