Our Weird Life


Last week was full of getting used to each other again.  Our schedule, our home etc.  My two youngest had some great photo ops.  Little Bit loves to dress up, and one morning came downstairs in a princess/fairy outfit.  She wore it around everywhere.  When she decided to watch her brother play a game, I could not resist taking the photo of the princess and her brother.  It was like she sprinkled her magic fairy dust out of her wand and they suddenly got along for the rest of the week.  These two have a love/hate relationship.  Last week was love.  So when they were laying in the corner in their jammies, I again could not resist.  One day they will hate me for it!

You are going to find me strange, but when we returned, all I wanted to do was clean and cook!  My house was so dusty, and I had enough of airport food.  So i spring cleaned my house.  While I was cleaning out my closet, I placed all my scarves on the floor.  When I went to pick them up, I found my chihuahua all bundled up in them. He is such an old man!

This week is going fast, but I must say, I am excited to be a part of my weird family.  I could not see my life any other way.

Have a great day everyone!



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  1. Great picture of the Princess, brother and Cordili. I know just what you mean about cleaning and cooking. When we return from a trip, I always have to clean! Missing my cleaning lady for sure…in the ‘middle house’. I like to clean but it takes so much time. Glad you guys are all home again.

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