For Boy Scouts, the boys were required to make rockets.  We have a policy, we will help them build, but the ideas are strictly theirs, as well as the majority of the building.  Sometimes, they do not like this policy because the other kids have their parents build theirs, why can’t we?  The other kids were better made, or won because their parents built their model!  Why can’t we.  I will tell you why as I tell them.  It is assigned to them not to me, and how can they ever feel a sense of accomplishment or learn problem solving when others are doing their work for them?  I am not saying that all parents do this, but where we are at, this seems to be a trend.  Our kids do not like this rule sometimes, and they begged us to build their rockets, but we held our ground, and finally, my children got to feel that sense of accomplishment that they, and I have been waiting for.


Rockets were a success.  Even Little Bit was allowed to participate.  Now she did not build hers, but one of the leaders really wanted her to help, and she was more than willing!  Look at that smile on her face!  Next year, she will build one, and feel even more pride!



Have a terrific evening everyone!

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