Random Italy Pictures

We had such an amazing time in Italy.  It was relaxing, educational, romantic and funny.  Here are some pictures of our time together.

Italy 2013 (331)

The first is one I just think is funny.  This was a restroom sign in Pompeii.  It was pretty much how I felt at this point.

Italy 2013 (326)

I had always dreamed of going to Pompeii since I was a little girl.  I remember reading about the Mount Vesuvius eruption in the 4th grade and then being fascinated and obsessed with the city.  I finally got to see it.  The above picture moved me.  When I saw the statue, I could see the pain and anguish this person was going through. So sad, so touching and yet inspiring at the same time.

Italy 2013 (158)

A random, roped off hallway in the Vatican.  We leaned over the rope and took a picture.  One of my favorite pictures ever.

Italy 2013 (14)

A random man, sitting next to a lake in Arona.  I thought all day about who he could be.  Is he an artist, a poet?  Or is he just enjoying the splendor of the day.  He intrigued me.

Italy 2013 (346)

We watched a spaghetti western while we were there.  Enough said.

Italy was amazing and I look forward to sharing more photos with you.  But as I was going through them today, I realized it was these smaller moments that made the biggest impression on me.  These moments made me take the time and enjoy every second.  They still inspire me to take my time and be in the moment.

I hope the photos inspire you as well.

Have a great day everyone!





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