“And the Land We Belong to is Grand”

Oklahoma is my home.  I do not live there now, but my family does and when someone asks me where I am from I say Oklahoma.  I was born there, lived there a little before moving away for a long while, then moved back after college.  It is where I met my husband.  It is where we go to see grandma and grandpa, great grandma and other beloved family.  Oklahoma will always be my home.  Always.  I am not ashamed, especially now.  Especially when I see the strength of Oklahomans shine through such tragedy.  When I see them all pull together to help.  When I see the pride of being an Oklahoman.  I am proud to be an Okie.


All of my family is safe, but there are many families who have been torn apart forever.  One of my cousins has been finding photos in her backyard.  Photos of people she does not know.  Photos of families that have been affected by this tragedy.  Her home is close to the devastation, but is in tact.

This is a time when we can help those families whose homes are no longer standing.  Whose community has been “bent” not “broken”.  Whose loved ones are lost forever.

We can help.

Please go to the American Red Cross Website to give money.  Many of us may not be there to help physically, but we can help financially and prayerfully.

You are strong Oklahoma and so grand!

Love to you all,


One thought on ““And the Land We Belong to is Grand”

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  1. Beautifully said Susy! I live in Arkansas and we are neighbors. My prayers go out to each and every person affected by this tragedy!

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