Make a Difference Monday

A few months ago, I started to write about good deeds that you could do to help make this world a more peaceful place.  For some reason, I have seemed to stray from this practice.  I am not sure why this is.  Maybe the business of my days with home school, maybe I have become so wrapped up in my own craziness, that I have not been focusing on this all to important task of promoting kindness to others.Whatever the reason, I have felt a great urgency to bring these posts back.  To show how easy it is to love all we come into contact with.  When we start to show even the smallest amount of love, we begin to change the world.  We are not called to show love just towards our relatives and friends, but also to strangers.  Especially towards strangers.

So, Mondays are now dedicated to how we can make a difference.  Small ways that you can bring a smile to others, making their day brighter, and hopefully encouraging them to pass that smile on to someone else.  Small changes, that could make a huge impact.  I urge you all to comment on what happens, or other ways in which you plan to make a difference during the week.

Focus on the grocery store week!

Oh, the grocery store!  This place can drive me crazy.  People stand in the middle of the aisle, try to race each other to the line.  Avoid eye contact at all cost.  Hit you with their carts.  Leave their carts all over the parking lot.  Stare at you if your kids are screaming, or screaming nasty kids in general.  This can leave you in a nasty mood for the rest of the day.  But, stop focusing on how miserable you feel, and really take a look at what is going on around you.  Here are some things you can do to take the focus off your own misery and help bring a smile to those who are having a truly miserable time.

1.  When there are children screaming, do not give the mom or dad a nasty look.  Just because their kids are screaming does not make them bad parents.  This is something I have learned the hard way.  When I was childless, I would watch children scream in the store, and say to myself, “My kids will not do this.”  Oh, let me tell you, they did and still do.  My kids can be angels all day, but if we take one step into a store, they become devils.  It is like we have stepped into an alternate reality.  I have received dirty looks, but we have to eat!  I have to finish the shopping, because I do not want to come back any time soon!  Let me tell you, a simple smile to the mom will change her whole outlook.  A simple, “Hang in there, we have all been there.”  Will give her hope and encouragement to finish shopping.

2.  Let someone who has less groceries go ahead of you.  It is alright!

3.  Buy a ten-dollar gift card and give it to the person behind you.  The look on their face is priceless.

4.  Take stray carts in the parking lot to the cart corral.  I do not know if this is what they are called, but that is what we call it.

5.  If you see someone whose groceries are falling out of the cart, or who have two carts full of groceries, help them out.  I have had people stare at me and offer no help whatsoever while I wheel out two carts and try to keep my three kids next to me.  This of course was when they were much smaller.  I now have an 11-year-old that can help take a cart.  But it was so discouraging to hear, “Looks like you have your hands full!”  and they keep walking.  I try my hardest now to help those who do have their hands full.  I know what it is like!

6.  Smile and hold the door open for others.

We can make our shopping more enjoyable by taking the focus off of our misery and helping others.

Have a good time trying out these ideas!



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  1. I love this thought. I believe we can easily do this but we are so focused on our own needs and what we have to do next in a busy day that we forget to look outside ourselves. I will try harder!

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